We supply the finest fruit trees for growing in Scotland and also offer training and advice to groups and individuals looking to develop orchards in Scotland. for trees see www. Scottishfruittrees.com

HOW TO ORDER - Our aim is to make ordering as easy as possible: Order details here

Either download the stocklist - and chose what you want - or ring us and we will be happy to help with stock selection. ( 0778 606 3918 ) Or email  john@scottishfruittrees.com

With Scottish Government Local food funding - we developed our Open Orchard events since 2015.  We are currently traveling around Scotland and helping community groups, schools to enjoy this years bumper harvest, and to get people out into their local Orchards. We are really keen to engage with orchard owners to open their orchards for a day, and to get the public to visit. We also wish to engage with cooks and chefs to use the harvest. Please get in touch. 

We are looking to develop orchards - small and large.

We can help schools, community groups, councils, farmers, landowners and companies to make Scotland more fruitful

Scottish Orchards is a constituted voluntary group - and is a network of orchard enthusiasts from across Scotland.

We aim to make fruit growing simple. We want to encourage people to give it a try and get started - and to learn by doing, and with help from each other. Please join us and help make Scotland blossom!

Our membership is very varied - from National Trust for Scotland staff, to the Salvation Army, community workers environmental groups, and also keen individuals and groups from Argyll  to Oban, and from Inverness to Stranraer. Membership is free - but we are grateful for donations from members - and this is very helpful for building.

“The best time to plant an apple tree? ”

twenty years ago (the next best time is now...)


0778 606 3918

Scottish Orchards can help with all aspects of developing schools and community orchards, listing Fruitful Events, providing Fruitful Skills training, and running apple days and community and family days. We are also interested in creating a market for Scottish fruit and to help develop fruit growing in Scotland, and providing support to growers.

Please email us details of any upcoming apple days, planting, picking events and places with fruit to sell.

We are can help to provide fruit trees suitable for Scotland’s climate - and looking to develop old and very varieties that do well here, and make them available at a good price.

Please email or phone to discuss membership, volunteering with us, or in developing school or community orchards.


John Hancox, applejohn@icloud.com

0778 606 3918

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For interest

Scottish apples - we have been budding up as many of these as possible

and selling through the Scottish Fruit trees website

We are always really interested to find out new varieties and more information on where these are growing.

The following list of known Scottish apple varieties is taken from the book ‘Apples in Scotland’, by John Butterworth (2001)

Alderman (?)

Beauty of Moray

Bloody Ploughman

Cambusnethan Pippin


Coul Blush

Culzean Seedling

Cutler Grieve

East Lothian Pippin

Early Julyan (Tam Montgomery)

Galloway Pippin

Gogar Pippin


Hill’s Seedling

Hood’s Supreme

James Grieve

Lady of the Wemyss

Lass O’Gowrie

Lemon Queen

Liddel’s Seedling

Lord Rosebery

Love Beauty

Maggie Sinclair


Pine Golden Pippin

Port Allen Russet


Scarlet Leadington

Scotch Bridget

Scotch Dumpling


Seaton House

Stark’s Late Delicious

Stirling Castle

Stobo Castle (?)

Thomas Jeffrey

Thorle Pippin

Threave Castle

Tower of Glamis



White Melrose

White Paradise

Yorkshire Aromatic

(which is definitely Scottish!)


Scottish Orchardscreating a Fruitful Scotland  

Scottish Orchards works to bring together useful information and to help people develop their own community orchards, share information  with others across the country and help create a Fruitful Scotland.